Thursday, February 9, 2017

Farm Restaurant

This may not be something new, but I would love if I run a restaurant which cooks veggies freshly plucked from its own farm in its backyard. The menu this way can keep varying as per the season and what is available at the farm. I am sure someone might be doing this some where, still I get excited just by imagining something like this of my own,specially in Mumbai.

Thinking of getting such space in a city like Mumbai, which can accommodate both an eating space and a farm itself is tiresome not to mention the investments this kind of venture demands,but one thing I am sure of, the space like this is going to be loved.

Just imagine they grind the spices themselves, they cook in clay pots the vegetables they just plucked from the farm and serve it hot on the platter.

This of course will have limited guests a day kind of arrangement, I would love to go to a place like that.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Book Cafe

I haven't seen even if they exist, book cafes that enhance and enrich your book reading experience. Spaces designed for book lovers, the setting, the interiors, furniture, snacks, beverages, music and food.

Yes a cafe that is for book readers with a perfect setting, options to sip a coffee while reading or munch some nachos, included in the fee, yet the main service is book reading experience.

So we see book shops today with some random seating arrangements, some with comfortable couches placed randomly, but not a cafe, where you are treated as if you are doing a favor by reading a book and we will do every thing possible to make it an amazing experience.

Its like you may read a book when you go to Starbucks, similarly you may sip a coffee when you are at the book cafe, you may pick up any book and based on your membership plans enjoy additional services.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A software that prompts you to Just Imagine

Just Imagine is a name I have thought I will name my company as.

As I am fond of ideas my company will thrive on ideas, where every problem will be addressed with this magical word called Just Imagine.

The first idea that stuck me with this name is developing an internal software for an organization with the name of Just Imagine, like a tea break corner. Usually even at breaks we dont leave our official problems and many a times end up with funny solutions.

This software will aim to capture those moments when we start thinking that is unusual or weird about a particular situation.After that it becomes a thread of communication often people joining in and adding on.

This database can actually lead to unusual and important insights in many areas of organization especially when its a business problem, marketing problem or something related to new product development.

The look and feel of the app will be light and casual that will aim at encouraging employees to share their feelings about a particular project, problem or objective in a more personal way.

What say Just Imagine if you are struggling about a particular business problem, you can think of many solutions that can make for tea time jokes...what if you can share it across at the same time and create a thread of stories out of it...

Saturday, April 6, 2013

If loans can be repaid like this

Now for this post I will write a special thanks message for those who read this completely. As I think in terms of practicality its the most wierd idea I can think of, but since I have thought of it I am putting it across.
But remember it may be wierd in terms of practicality but every one of us would love such thing to be there which I term as Loan Insurance.

Now this beautiful imagination happened just a while ago, when my somewhat idle mind suddenly wondered how tissue papers are manufactured, just to check if they can be made from recycled paper or the real pulp is required and more details.

So I googled, how tissue paper is manufactured and thanks to wikipedia got a fair idea on the process but my curiousity made me click another link where an individual claimed how its low investment and high return business.This single claim made all the alarms ringing in my brain and I quicky opened a link that led to the website of National Small Industries Coporation. I browsed through the list of all projects and quickly reached to the a small business plan of toilet paper manufacturing.

And reading the document I discovered the investement requirement of this low investment business...huh INR 70.71 lacs that is for machinery, manpower and other basic cost that may incur.

And I thought if I dream of making money, I should already have it first, and in case I dont have it then an option is loan, now assuming I fulfill all the requirements to avail loan for this business...What if I fail...

Then this beautiful imagination took place...and I think I don't even need to describe my idea further...All I need to say Just Imagine if we can insure the loans we take...

Now I am sure loan insurances are available, they are there..but in a sense I am thinking of I doubt..Now what I am thinking:

1. Its EMI should not even distantly come closer to the emi of actual loan, I can't bear double burden
2. And I should be eligible to avail its benefits if I fail to repay my loan in given time, due to what so ever reason...

Now since you have read this even after an indication in the begining so I am not to be blamed..But yes you deserve a special thanks..So Thank You :-)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Water Water Everywhere

This is one of my favourite ideas, though I am penning it down now, but it has been there with me since long, and considering how obvious this idea is, I am sure there will be many like me, who might have thought of this at some time or other.

Now this idea comes from the fact that 70% of earth is occupied by oceans and still we are coming across a problem of defeciency of one of the most spread across and abundant natural resource " Water". why?

Well the answer is also as obvious as the question is, this water is not usable, its salty, then I have one more question still why cant't it be purified or can it be purified to the level of mass usage.Just Imagine if it can be done..

Just Imagine, if there was a seperate connection to each household that particularly supplies sea water, and like we have water purifiers in almost every household, we have purifiers with additional capability of  turning sea water in to usable water, I am not sure if this idea is taking place across the NPD department of any company, or being researched upon or has already taken place, but going by my knowledge this has not happened yet and I feel enough excited to Just Imagine what change it can bring, have heard stories of people dying because of lack of water, how much amount of security it will bring for generations to come...

Would love to know if this is happening in any part of the world,though I will still be very particular about using water sensibly, it will be  pleasant to have a new beginning.As of now we are exactly in a situation where there is "water water everywhere, no water to drink". Just Imagine if the second part of this statement can be modified a little.

Friday, December 7, 2012

and the Weekend begins NOW!!!!

I am wondering where the writer inside me has disappeared...this idea I have been holding with myself for almost over a month now, but still awaiting the right time to put it this right time is not as per the movement of astronomical stars but a time when I get a sudden urge and confidence of expressing it with words...

Still putting it across, though secretly hoping that I dont make a disaster out of this potential idea, for the wrong choice of words...Keeping my fingers crossed...

So as the name has it "weekend" this idea also flashed when weekend was just about to get over, and my weekend woes were taking me over...this time again, I realized how small a weekend is !!! truly unfair !!! just a day or maximum two ? why ??? If I work for 5 days a week...why not a weekend has the same number of days ? and then I thought Just Imagine...if

we had a weekend of 5 days wrapped up in two technically 2 days= 120 hours of pure bliss!!!

Though what it can lead to purely varies on individual imagination...for a person like me these 120 hours can be a return trip to my home so a week in mumbai and a weekend in kota almost every time, at times partyng without having to worry about office next own weekend startup...and my full time music classes...and just everything else which these two days of weekend fall short of..and how can I forget 5 days of gym and yoga...(though the additional calories these 120 hours will bring might bring a different story)

And for some it can be a beginning of a tiring weekend Job...huh...the working hours will increase in proportion to the increase in total hours...the positive.. so does the a month they can be earning the salary of 8 weeks!!!!sounds cool...the flip side...the additonal expenses of additional hours

and then a question comes what will be an actual refuge, will it a be a weekend that will break the monotony of week...or week that will break the monotony(for some) of weekend..

Will HRs of our companies worry about how do we spend our weekends so as to be more productive during the week...will employee policies will have benefits for a rejuvenating and refrehing weekend...

There is a lot to be imagined and lot more interesting stuff to be explored...a movie with the same concept can probably showcase the interesting and wierd consequences of having a weekend spannig 120 hours... I wish someone just takes the concept and Just Imagines in his own way...

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Well this idea strikes me every time I turn on the news or read newspapares.The world around us is full of diversity and holds the good, the bad and the ugly at the same time...however in today's time of over exercising our mental and physical energies at our personal and professional lives, at the end of the day we get too grey a shade of the world, if by chance we want to encounter the real world through newspapers or newschannels..It seems that the bad, worst.wierd and ugly is all what world has to offer.

It may be true...but not completely...though there are hundereds of inhuman crimes and exploitation, happening at one corner of this world, there is also another place where some kind of good and beautiful event is taking place, that is changing the life of someone for something better.

Well we are exposed to all the bad things that happen or can possibly happen in the world around us, it is also our right and requirement to encounter, acknowledge and cultivate the good around us...

So here is what I thought..I thought a newschannel and a newspaper that focusses on all the real good things happening around, the real good that has changed someonelife's for better, the real gift of luck that changed the depressing situation into a happy moment, the real people who initiated the wave of positive change in any aspect of personal, professional and social life.

It will work like a daily dose of goodness and positivity, to spread the goodness manifold in the world around us...where looking at the news I will no get depressed and sad for the world around me...but will feel an inner strength and energy to transform the world.